“What Are The Odds…” Kickstarter project

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I am so excited about my kickstarter project for my book What Are The Odds… that I just had to share it with you.

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Will you be able to open the door?

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Wishing you a Very Happy Passover !









It’s time to ramp it up!

3 5 14 Ask Mrs. C stepup and ramps

When we brought Uncle Bob home from rehab in a wheelchair, we were lucky to get him over this step and into the house!

His physical therapist sent us to the medical supply house to get portable ramps to bridge the distance between the entryway and the inside.

Can you slip pass the shrubbery?

4 13 13 Foliage impeding the wahttp://whataretheoddsbook.blogspot.com



Can you get to the door?

3 3 14 Ask Mrs C getting to the.jpg 2Craig was in a car crash, and when it was time for him to come home from the hospital he started to worry about how he would get his brand new wheelchair in and out and around the house.

He expressed his worry to his medical team and showed them this photo of his front entry.

“That’s the only way into your house?” someone asked.

His physical therapist took one look at the photo and shook his head, “The only way you’re going to get that wheelchair in and out of your house is with an elevator.”





Smilin’ Jack has a problem!

2 26 14 The Bath graphicUncle Jack didn’t need help just during the day, but throughout the night too…it took exactly one night getting up every couple of hours before I phoned a nursing service for help.

Uncle Jack didn’t need help just during the day, but throughout the night too…it took exactly one night getting up every couple of hours before I phoned a nursing service for help. 

The following morning a home health aide took me shopping for the solution:  a safety rail that attached to the toilet seat and fits around the commode so Uncle Jack won’t fall while he’s using the commode, and little ramps to get over the lip and into the shower.

The most important room in the house!

12 26 13 bathroom sink graphic



Can you Cope in the Kitchen from Your Chair?

1 8 14 Coping in the Kitchen from Your Chair

Happy New Year!

12 26 13 New Years Ask Mrs. C

In Honor of Our Veterans!

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It’s That Time Again!!!

10 31 13 Happy Halloween

Did you know that…

10 19 13 pull out drawers strip

Every day 1,600,000 Americans use
a wheelchair to get from here to there (source: http://dsc.ucsf.edu/publication.php

Scary, isn’t it?  It’s a pretty safe bet that if you or I or most people we know will experience life from a wheelchair at some point in our lives!

If (or when) it happens to you, you may need to install pullout shelves like these (found ‘em on ShelfGenie.com) so you can store your basic necessities at a height where you’ll be able to reach them from your chair!


Healthline’s Multiple Sclerosis Center (http://www.healthline.com/health/multiple-sclerosis)

Closet Organizers Part II

9 30 13 shoe storage with border

Last week we showed you closet organizers that keep your clothing right where you can get it even if you are in a wheelchair – this week let’s take a look at ways to keep your shoes where you can reach them.

Your local big box store (Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc.) should have a shoe organizer like the one on the left that will keep your shoes neat and right where you can get them without the risk of falling out of your chair.

Make Your Closet Work for You!

9 11 13  clothes storage strip

Okay…let’s say you’ve been in an accident. Let’s also say that you are now piloting a walker or getting around in a wheelchair.

If you’re sidelined by one of life’s little surprises, just getting to your clothes can be a challenge; and in most closets, it can be downright dangerous! Nobody needs to risk a fall just getting ready to face the world!

Sooo…what can you do to preserve your dignity? Take a look!  A wall unit like the ones in these photos puts everything within reach. It’s easy to install…it’s priced right…and it works for you!

websites: http://www.specialneedshomeconsultant.org                  http://www.whataretheoddsbook.com

Remember MDA’s Telethon?

8 31 13 I do!  My kids were Jerry's Kids                                   2 6 13 Steven Craig Glenn Jerrys kids

Happy Labor Day

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What Are The Odds…

My two sons Steven and Craig had Beckers Muscular Dystrophy.

In my book,  What Are The Odds… I tell about my years caring for them and watching Beckers MD steal their lives.

 Available soon

6 6 13 what are the odds book coverhttp://www.whataretheoddsbook.com/

Look Out!

I swear, throw rugs have been the cause of more falls, sprained ankles, and broken bones than any other home accessory we can think of!

8 27 13 graphic for rugs blog

Most of us don’t even notice them until they trip us up!

Who doesn’t have at least one throw rug or bath mat somewhere around the house?

If you use:

  • a walker
  • a wheelchair
  • or just a cane,

Look out for these little devils! Stow them, throw them, even give them away, but whatever you do, get them out of your way!

Now and then…


8 18 13 Grab Bar GraphicRemember Maggie coming home from rehab with her brand new walker?

One of the first challenges she faced was getting in and out of her tub/shower!

That’s when her physical therapist introduced her to grab bars!

Can you get close enough?

There’s just no way you’re gonna be able to get a wheelchair lose enough to this sink to:8 12 13 bathroom sink strip 600 dpi

  • wash your hands
  • brush your teeth
  • floss
  • shave

and whatever else you do at the bathroom sink!

This homeowner created plenty of space for his wheelchair by removing a section of the cabinetry directly beneath his bathroom sink.

Can you reach all of the food in your fridge?

7 25 13 Refrigerator

Can you get at the food on those shelves at the top?  Even the lower shelves can give you problems. No way will you be able to reach the lunch meat or container of potato salad stored at the back!

Hint: Make sure the hard to handle items like milk cartons are stowed in the door, or invest in pull-out shelves from your appliance dealer. and you’ll be able to reach everything you need.

Carole bought this apartment-size refrigerator to make life easier for her wheelchair-bound son, Craig. Everything is at his fingertips, and the top makes a great countertop for assembling a sandwich and pouring a glass of tea!

Clean up Time!!!

7 16 13 newsletter graphic kitch can't reach sink Sue’s best friend Marcie turned 40, and Sue threw the party of the year to celebrate!

All their friends were there at one point or another that evening, but like magic, at the  stroke of 10:30 everyone but Sue took off to rescue their babysitters leaving her to finish cleaning up all by herself!

Sue had been throwing extravagant parties for years, but this was her first big one since she ended up in a wheelchair.

She loaded up a tray with dirty dishes and balanced it on her wheelchair’s armrests, then motored everything as far as the sink before running into her first real challenge – she  couldn’t reach the sink from her seat in the wheelchair!

Sue was tired, frustrated, and getting cranky when she remembered the pre-wash cycle 7 16 13  newsletter graphic dishwasher on her new dishwasher.

Minutes later the dishes were in the dishwasher “pre-washing,” and Sue was getting ready  bed.

The Ups and Downs of Life

7 8 13 toilet heights

Hi this is Carole, our friend Gina took a fall and broke her leg just above the knee. She called “911” and spent the night in the hospital.

When she came home  her occupational therapist brought a raised toilet seat that allowed her to “go” without having to call for help getting up and down from the commode.

Marty and the kids and I liked to travel,  even when Craig was in a wheelchair. When we were on the road we carried a portable commode chair like this one.

How about you? Do you need a quick fix, or will you need a long-term solution?

Are you building a house or rehabbing a bathroom for someone who has trouble getting up and down?

Your contractor can install a high commode like one of these.

We Googled “toilet heights” and found commodes ranging in height from the floor between 11″ and 30.”

If you’re having problems standing and sitting, one of the taller ones will make life much safer and more comfortable.

You can check out a couple of the sites we found at:



June is National Safety Month

6 23 13 refrig graphic

The stuff in the door is easy to reach but items above her head…at the back of the fridge…and in the crisper drawers will pose problems.

Refrigerators and freezers like the ones in the bottom photos might be the answer for her…especially the smaller ones that she can put where she can reach them without the danger of falling out of her wheelchair!

This is National Safety Month

6 8 13 cooktop graphic

She’s got a stove top and a microwave, but can she make use of either one of them from her wheelchair?

Thank heavens she also has a cooktop that she can put where she can reach it!

Happy Father’s Day

6 12 13 Happy Father's Day

Special Needs Salon Chair

5 17 13 Rose's Rose Pedals graphic


Salon owner Rose Zvonik invented the only patented salon chair footrests designed specifically to meet the special needs of the handicapped and elderly.

Find out more at Rose’s website:


Thank you

5 24 13 Memorial Day 2013

The Sneaky Single Step

5 6 13 photo strip for blog - walkerJenny turned an ankle…took a spill down that step…and couldn’t walk without help!

She called the doctor he called in a prescription to a medical equipment supply store.

The next time she came to that step, she was pushing a walker!

Her little dog was thrilled when she could finally walk again, but when she came toward him surrounded by “that cage,” he backed off growling deep in his chest and scooted around her, tail down, on his way to hide under the bed.

Jenny smiled, turned, and walked up and down that step until she was sure that she could get in and out of her house without taking another tumble.

Happy Mother’s Day

5 10 13 Happy Mother's Day

Weak in the Knees…too

5 1 13 lifting cushion photo strip2

Remember Sue?  She came home from rehab little weak in the knees and now has to put real effort into getting in and out of her favorite chair.

Her first solution was to buy a lift chair, and as long as she didn’t leave the house, that worked just fine.

But when she went to her weekly bridge club meeting at Janice’s house she needed something to help her out of a chair…something that she could carry with her.

Sue phoned her pharmacist. He told her about portable lifting cushions like the one pictured at the left.

Weak in the Knees?

S4 16 13 Lift Chair graphicue talked to her doctor about problems she was having with her knees.

“Arthritis,” her doctor proclaimed with a wry grin.

“Don’t be surprised if they ache every time there’s a change in the weather.”

Sue went home and settled into her chair to watch TV.

When she wanted to get up to get a sandwich, she discovered that the best she could do was lift her rear an inch or two off the seat. She tried again and this time she made it but her knees buckled, and she almost went down.

“All right already knees, is it too much to ask that you hang in there long enough for me to get out of the chair?”

With perfect timing, her TV blared an ad for a lift chair!

Now Sue gets up and down with very little pain and only a little help from her chair.

Getting Things Done Around the House

4 10 13 reacher graphicRemember Shelly and her skiing accident? Once she made it through the door, she faced a new problem every time she tried to do something around the house!

Her first challenge came when she wanted to get a can of soup off a shelf in her pantry so she could make lunch.

She’d only be in the wheelchair for a few weeks…it wouldn’t pay to alter her kitchen…so she mentioned it to her Occupational therapist. He trotted out to his car and a minute later presented her with a tool she still uses to retrieve things from her pantry’s upper shelves…a “reacher.” 

4 10 13 reacher with shadow and space

Happy Easter

3 30 13 Ask Mrs C Easter blog post

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Special Needs Home Consultants

Accessible Storage

3 1 13 pots and pans storage graphicShelly popped in to check on her mother on the way to the grocery store last week and got there just in time to lend a much-needed helping hand.

Mom was in the kitchen bending down to get her favorite cast iron skillet out of the back of the bottom cabinet.

That skillet weighed a ton, and Mom’s knees weren’t what they used to be.  Shelly couldn’t for the life of her figure out how her mother  was going to stand up once she got a hold of it.

She helped her mom to her feet and then decided to find out what might be done to make the kitchen a little easier to use.

That night when Shelly got home she emailed https://askmrsc.wordpress.com to find out what changes could be made to make the kitchen work for her mother again.

Mrs. C. recommended a simple, relatively inexpensive remedy: pullout drawers in the existing kitchen cabinets like the ones in the photo on the left!

February is National Heart Health Month

2 18 13 Graphic for Ask Mrs C

February is National Heart Health Month


For the health of your heart,

surround your self with positive people

January is Bath Safety Month (3)

Remember 1 28 13 both sinks stackedwhen Mary found George clinging to the grab bars in their shower unable to stand up long enough to rinse off?

Long story short, George now gets around with a wheelchair, which presents a whole new set of challenges.

Now because the crisp white enamel bathroom cabinetry didn’t come with a kneehole that would allow the wheelchair and George’s knees to get close enough to the sink to wash, Mary paid a visit to her plumbing supply store.

Before she went home, she had found a couple of solutions: (1. her contractor could cut a kneehole in the cabinetry, or (2. he could remove the cabinetry and install a pedestal sink.

January is Bath Safety Month (2)

1 18 13 Shower chair with white line and shadowMary!”

George’s scream reached her at the kitchen sink and she took off running for the bathroom.

She stuck her head inside to see what had him so upset.

There he was hanging on for dear life to the grab bars in their combination tub/shower.

“I can’t stand up long enough to get clean and rinsed,” he complained.

Once he was safely out and wrapped in his warm terrycloth robe, they went online and found exactly what they needed to keep him safe and relaxed – a shower chair.

It’s Bathroom Safety Month!

1 11 13 grab bars in tub light with white lineIt was New Year’s Eve. Allen and Amy were on their way home from Allen’s boss’s party when a car shot out of a side street and T-Boned them just behind the passenger seat where Amy sat. They spun out and then smashed nose first into a light pole.

Basically Allen and Amy were okay, but as a precaution they were taken to the  hospital and admitted overnight for observation.

When they finally got home all Amy could think about was a long, long soak in a tub full of bubbles. She filled the tub, bent to test the water, the room spun, and she backed away afraid that she’d fall and end up in the hospital again.

The next day she called her contractor, told him what had happened and asked what he would recommend to make her bathroom safer.

He chuckled, “Amy, if it was me, I’d start with grab bars.”

Let’s start the new year out right!

Hey guys! Welcome to a new year chock full of your questions, answers from our experts, and tips from all of us to help you make a home handicap-handy!

Got a question? Ask Mrs. C!

Got a solution? Tell Mrs. C…and she’ll tell the world.

Happy New Year!!!

12 22 12 Happy New Year

Merry Christmas!

12 19 12 Peace, Hope Love

Santa Claus is coming to town!

12 19 12 Santa

It’s that time again…for Family…Feast…and Fun!

12 11 12 family table graphic 682 x 504The door bell rang and Maryann shouted from the kitchen, “Rick! can you get that please?”

A moment later Rick pushed a racy, black and chrome wheelchair into the kitchen.

Maryann’s Cousin Bob had slipped in the bathtub, broken his leg and would be in that wheelchair for a while.

Rick’s face was red and he was sweating. According to Cousin Bob’s wife Janice, they had just wrestled Cousin Bob in his wheelchair over the single step between the front porch and the front hall!

Maryanne was mortified!

Determined that the next family gathering would be easier for everyone, she Googled Mrs. C,  started a conversation, and got tip after tip after tip on ways she could make the next visit easier on everyone.

If you’ve got a tip that can help other caregivers, or if you need one Ask Mrs @ https://askmrsc.wordpress.com.

Happy Chanukkah!

12 7 12 Happy Channukah graphic 2

Over two-thousand years ago, 167  BCE  the Temple in Jerusalem was looted and services were stopped. Judaism was outlawed, and an altar to Zeus was erected in the Temple. This provoked a major revolt.

By 165 BCE  Jewish troops had recaptured and were preparing to rededicate the Temple. According to the Talmud the High Priest was required to burn olive oil in the Temple’s menorah throughout the night every night during  the rededication.

As the story goes, there was only enough oil to burn for one day yet the menorah burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of oil.

An eight-day festival was declared in honor of this miracle, and the Festival of Lights was born.

Happy Holidays

“What Are The Odds…” Kickstarter project

“What Are The Odds…” Kickstarter project.

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